Dreadbag 2018 Changes: Prices with VAT, Dreadbag Affiliate Program & Wholesale

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

Today we have several good and bad news for you. The bad news first, starting from the 1.1.2018 we have to add unfortunately 19% VAT calculate on every sold dreadbag. That means every Dreadbag (no matter what size) will have a flat rate of 1.1.2018 € from the 39,00. This is unfortunately the bane of success, but actually you have to look at it positively, because the good news is Dreadbag.de grows step by step. You wonder now, where is the good news for the Dreadbag customer?

More dreadbags at shorter intervals

It's actually quite simple: we do not earn a dreadbag more because of VAT than before, but due to the fact that we sell more, in the future we can also buy new fabrics faster and produce new different dreadbags for you. By and large, you'll be able to buy new dreadbags in all sizes (M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL) online at shorter intervals. Our dreadbag quantities will also rise, meaning that many dreadbags will not be sold out so quickly. Our Dreadbag "Store" partners in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Freiburg are also benefiting from this and are therefore frequently being fitted with new different Dreadbags and our non-online shoppers will have a larger selection of Dreadbags on site at shorter intervals.

Dreadbag Affiliate Program

We have our support for everyone who wants to support us in the future Dreadbag Affiliate Program brought to life. From now on, each of you can support us and earn a little extra (3% of each Dreadbag).
Please use this Link to the registration,

Dreadbag wholesale

Last but not least. Our Dreadbag wholesale (Udo) will be really big in the year 2018 and every dealer has the interest Dreadbags from a quantity of 20 Dreadbags to sell the 2018 now worldwide realize. If you are interested, please contact Udo via our email address wholesale@dreadbag.de Write an email and ask for all other terms and conditions.

Thanks for your support

We would like to thank each customer personally for his loyalty and constant support - without you, the Dreadbag would not even exist! Thank you

Bless and one love

Your dreadbag team - Udo and Lin


Dreadbag.de makes holidays!

Sicily - holidays - landscapeDreadbag.de does from 03.10.2018 to 20.10.2018 Vacation. So if you would like to have a dreadbag before, you should have ordered to 01.10.2018 and also pay directly with PayPal or credit card. All Dreadbag orders or account receipts thereafter will be sent back to us on Monday, the 22.10.2018. thanks for your understanding!

Delivery: Dreadbags can still ordered but will not be sent back to the 22.10.2018 until Monday.
Thank you for your support - See you soon!

Your Dreadbag team

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