Official launch of the Dreadbag Onlineshop

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Finally the new Dreadbag collection 2014 is here!

Hello Dreadheads and Dreadbag friends,

soon it's finally time - On the 20.10.2014 the official sale of the new Dreadbag 2014 collection starts on - We have once again no cost and effort saved for you to get the various fair trade fabrics from Europe to keep the usual standard, so in the plain text to make you happy. The final result can be found here in the Dreadbag Shop admire and order at night as usual.


We send every order per DHL GoGreen as a package. Our packing material consists of already used shoe boxes, paper (or similar), so that no tree must have died for nothing. Recycling or reuse of raw materials is important to us!

In Germany will cost you the total shipping 4,50 €. From three dreadbags is the Shipping: Free, So organize and make collective orders. You save money and the environment is also happy

Free pick-up + free on-site service: Who would like to be able to pick up his Dreadbag (s) in Cologne on the spot (address see imprint).

How does this work? It is paid by prepayment, an appointment is agreed and then met. The Dreadbag (s) can be tried on the spot and the ordered goods can be swapped with a different model if the case is not applicable (too small, too big or different model selection, ...).

Each dreadbag in one EU country is sent out as a package International (insured) for 9 € out with us. From five dreadbags is the Free shipping!

For all other countries (world) applies: DHL Päckchen International (insured) - shipping costs are 15,90 € - Ab ten dreadbags is the Shipping: Free.

You have more questions?

If you have any further questions, you can contact us FAQ's and Terms & Conditions for more information or to write an e-mail or simply call us. We are here for you! : )

In this sense - you are informed and we wish you all a good time. Until then.

Your Dreadbag team

Sebastian Sturm and the Dreadbag

Dreadcap Rasta Hat

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

last year Sebastian storm on the Summerjam in Cologne at our Dreadbag booth, he stopped and focused our dreadbags and we saw his be sparkling in his eyes. Sebastian looked directly at the contact and we talked about the production, the different fabrics of the dreadbag, about his music and many other interesting topics. It was really a very nice conversation, which we still remember very much today. For Sebastian was at that time directly clear he must have so "a" Dreadbag necessarily. Haha there were later three or four dreadbags.

In the new music video "More Music" by Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline feat. Albert Minott you can convince yourself of his musical talent and yes he has a dreadbag on.

Official press photos of Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline


"Sebastian Sturm belongs to the youngest generation of reggae artists and performs the reggae of the 70er in an authenticity, which is at least unique in Germany. In doing so, he can target the nerve of all generations without slipping into platitudes. " lastFM

The current album of Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline you can buy here for example cheap.

Sebastian Sturm - A Grand Day Out

We wish you a lot of fun ...
Your Dreadbag team

Dreadbag supported Roots and Culture

Dreadbag supported Roots and Culture

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

the film will give a deep insight into the current Roots reggae scene in Jamaica. What is behind the music and the culture, which is currently experiencing a new upswing? Come with us on a trip to Kingston and feel the growing spirit of the break-up in an exciting time, meet artists of the Reggae Revival movement and representatives of the older generation when they talk about what Roots reggae music and culture from their personal view!

If you would like to support Jonas & Olli, please click on the Startnext link - Thanks & One love

Last but not least… has jumped as a Support mal some dreadbags. Check it out, if there is a nice Dreadbag for you?

Blessed love

Your Dreadbag team

Uwe Banton's "Mental War" LP / Album

Uwe Banton's "Mental War" LP / Album

Dear Dreadbag friends,

Uwe Banton - Mental War - AlbumToday we would like to present the third solo album by Uwe Banton to the veteran of the German reggae scene. The "Mental War" LP by Uwe Banton was realized with the drummer & guitarist of Gentleman's Evolution Band, Giuseppe, Big Finga 'Coppola & Florian, Steel' Münzer, and the Sammy Deluxe bassist, Keith, Roughhouse 'Powell. The album "Mental War" convinces with four illustrious guests (Jahcoustix, Luciano, Cornadoor, Mikey General) at full length. All in all, 13 are very deepe and chilly reggae tracks on the "Mental War" album - just check it out for yourself and see for yourself the quality of Uwe Banton's new album. Have fun listening! 😉

Uwe Banton - Mental War - LP

1. Work
2. Education
3. From Yuh A Walk With JAH
4. Mental war
5. Love Sweet Love
6. Better To Know
7. Can not forget
8. The Roots Of It (cannabis song)
9. No control
10. Thought I'd let you know
11. Ithiopian Ites
12. Put It Down
13. Love Sweet Love (Vibes Mix)

Here you can buy the Uwe Banton "Mental War" album online ...

Buy Uwe Banton's "Mental War" album by iTunes

Bless and one love

Your Dreadbag team

"Jah Army" Dreadbag made of canvas

"Jah Army" Dreadbag made of canvas

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

today we would like to introduce you our olive green "Jah Army" Dreadbag classic.

The "Jah Army" Dreadbag

Jah Army CapEach of you, who should stand on Jah Army Wear / Outfits, does not miss this Dreadbag - suitable for every army outfit! The olive green Dreadbag is made of thick canvas (100% cotton), can be waterproofed and is available in the sizes medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

Of course, we also have other "Jah Army" look dreadbags - such as the one on the photo Protoje (Summerjam 2014 Festival) watch - We always try to offer three to four "Jah Army" look dreadbags in every size. Jah Rastafarian! Thank you very much at this point for the Hammer Protoje meets Dreadbag photo - Copyrights by Eljer

Dreadbag size chart

Size M - For short dreadlocks (up to 40 cm long dreads)
Size L - For medium and short dreadlocks (from 40 cm up to 70 cm long dreads)
Size XL - For long to very long (thick) dreadlocks (holds up to 70 over one meter long dreads)
Size XXL - For very very long (thick) dreadlocks (from 1,2 meters long dreads)

Jah Army Dreadbag

Hemp Dreadbag - The natural hemp cap

Hemp Dreadbag - The natural hemp cap

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

today we would like to introduce you our Hemp Dreadbags made of natural hemp.

Our hemp Dreadbag

The hemp from which our Dreadbags are made was woven and woven by hand in Nepal. This means our hemps are not an industrial hemp. The hemp is harvested ecologically by hand and further processed into natural hemp. Unique and the beautiful thing is also still fair trade. Everyone gets their fair share, whether it is the farmers who grow the hemp or the weavers weaving the natural hemp - but we pay more for it - the price for you stays the same!

Dreadbags made of natural hemp are available in size medium, Large and Extra Large. Consequently, color and structural differences in the hemp material can occur.

Dreadbag size chart

Size M - For short dreadlocks (up to 50 cm long dreads)
Size L - For medium and short dreadlocks (from 50 cm up to 70 cm long dreads)
Size XL - For long to very long (thick) dreadlocks (holds up to 70 over one meter long dreads)
Size XXL - For very very long (thick) dreadlocks (from 1,2 meters long dreads)

Hemp Dreadbag
How do you set up your Dreadbag?

How do you set up your Dreadbag?

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

iRas Jammy - Suns of Dub - Rasta Crown - HeadwearYou have always wondered how to put on a dreadbag correctly or fastest?

We have a small one for you Dreadbag Tutorial Video created.

The first time it may take a bit longer than in the video! But exercise is alright
as you know, the master. 😉 Have fun practicing and wearing the dreadbag. 🙂

Blessed love

Your Dreadbag team

Dreadlocks at work

Dreadlocks at work

Dreadlocks at work

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

Dreadlocks in the workplace - Dreads in the workplace are often a sensitive issue, but with our Dreadbags as work clothes, much is no longer an issue. Therefore, we would like to list a few occupational fields in which our Dreadbags are already in use every day. Workplace dreadlocks are no longer a problem, as our dreadbags have become very practical and helpful workwear for dreadheads in a wide range of work environments, protecting our customers' daily dreadlocks. 🙂

Dreadlocks in the gastronomy

If you have ever grilled from you, you also know that you are exposed to some odors and grease. In the gastro-kitchens, our dreadbag has already proved itself very well as a workwear for dreadheads. It protects against odors and contamination during the preparation of food and the hygiene is thus also guaranteed. "Frittfett und Co. ade!"

Chakula - The vegan cuisine on wheels

Chakula - vegan cooking on wheelsChakula - The vegan cuisine on wheels "Veganes Mobilfood" in the Freisingen (Bavaria) region is just one example of the fact that our Dreadbags are used daily as work clothes in the catering industry.

By the way: "Chakula" is Suaheli and simply means "food". All chakula dishes are freshly made from organic ingredients and are guaranteed to be purely vegetable.

If you want to see more pictures of Chakula, just visit the two links.

Dreadlocks in the nursing home / hospital / in nursing

In very many old people's homes, in mobile care and even in hospitals, our white Dreadbags are highly sought after and used daily. They protect the dreadlocks of our customers every working day. It is precisely in this profession that hygiene and cleanliness is prescribed, and many employers are enthusiastic about our dreadbags and advocate them as work clothes in old people's homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

Dreadlocks as a baker

Flour in combination with water can lead to mold formation in dreadlocks and therefore we advise every dreadhead of a baker's apprenticeship or maybe already in this profession a "baker" dreadbag to put - the perfect protection against flour and everything in the bakery trade is processed. Naturally the baked goods are protected against hair and the hygiene regulations are fulfilled and everyone is happy!

Dreadlocks as a gardener / garden landscaping

Also every gardener and garden landscaper, who is out there every day in wind and weather, needs protection for his dreads from rain and dirt. Here, mainly our Canvas Dreadbags are used, as these are very fast and effective with a biological / ecological impregnation spray can be treated. This ensures that the dreadlocks of our customers are still dry and clean after a working day in the continuous rain. "It works - Never again dread dreadlocks!"

Dreadlocks as a painter and painter

Painters and varnishers can protect their dreadlocks with our dreadbags from paint, varnish and thinner. Here are partly very beautiful and funny color combinations (unique), since every day somehow a different color on the dreadbag. Be sure that as a painter or painter, you will not only be referred to the artwork on your head.

Dreadlocks as carpenter / carpenter / carpenter / roofer

Nightmare: "Dreads in the circular saw!" We do not want to imagine more here, but at this little horror scenario you can already see how important the workplace protection is as carpenter / carpenter with dreadlocks. It not only protects your dreads from dirt and dust, but also prevents life-threatening situations at the workplace. Very many carpenters and roofers prefer our beige and black cord dreadbags, because they look very well to the working clothes and of course also protect from dirt and co.

your feedback

You already use the Dreadbag as a workwear, or we have not listed a profession here? Then write us - We look forward to any feedback.

Bless and one love - Your Dreadbag Team

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