German Post + Hermes shipping costs increase

Deutsche Post and Hermes increase their shipping costs

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

German Post - LogoIn the New Year, Deutsche Post came up with the "grandiose" idea of ​​only carrying all international letters, letters and letters. Allegedly that the customs offices should be released. Let's wait and see what the Bundesklartellamt will say about this "behind the clock" price increase? Long story short, that is in plain English mail has a new expensive shipping group name Warenpost International S EU signature introduced = Same service just for 1,18 € expensive and for us that unfortunately means more work for each order than before. Unfortunately, we have to pass on this German postage rate increase to you - Our international shipping in Europe will cost from the 1.1.2019 then unfortunately a flat 9,90 € instead of 9,15 €. Thanks to Deutsche Post! Sorry, we hope you understand and still order Dreadbags from us. 😉

Warenpost International S - EU - Tracked - Recipient signature

But there is also good news: Paradoxically, shipping is in Not EU countries become cheaper. That means we now also offer a shipping class Non EU shipping and this will then with Warenpost International S NON-EU Tracked with recipient's signature sent by us and this shipping costs then flat rate with us 8,90 € so 25 cent cheaper than before. Crazy World EU shipping is more expensive than non EU shipping! One should understand that, but Deutsche Post wants it that way.

All non-EU citizens can now be happy, but please do not emigrate directly from the EU. 😀

Warenpost International S - Non-EU - Tracked - Recipient signature

Hermes shipping costs increase Germany

delivery via HermesUnfortunately, Hermes will soon increase the shipping costs in Germany and if this price increase is implemented, we will unfortunately have to adjust our shipping costs in Germany from 5,90 € to 6,50 €. Also a big sorry on our part, but our shipping costs are calculated tough. Here is a small example of how we calculate our shipping costs. Mixed calculation: Shipping costs + packaging materials + printer paper + printing costs + dreadbag loss / damage + reclamation return + taxes = shipping costs Germany and International. That's what it looks like!

We hope you understand the shipping cost increases and stay true to us. In the near future, worldwide shipping cost reduction, which of course we will then pass on to you. 🙂

In this sense - Keep it real!

Your Dreadbag team

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