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Dreadbag - friend shop - products of friendsDreadhead Shop - Dreadlocks Store - Products from friends - The motto here is: We support what we love! Here you will find selected dreadhead products such as dreadlocks extensions made of human hair and synthetic dread extensions in all different lengths. Human hair, wool, synthetic dread extensions, dread jewelry, dread beads and crochet hooks. We add / expand many products in our dreadhead shop at regular intervals. For this reason, it is always worthwhile to stop by our shop from time to time. We hope you have a lot of fun browsing and maybe there are already some nice dreadlocks extensions made of real hair, wool or synthetic dreads, dread beads, dread jewelry or a new crochet hook for you? If you have any further questions about any product, you can reach us via WhatsApp Dreadbag Service +491718962648. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Blessed love 🙂

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