The Dreadbag - The individual and fair-produced Dreadlocks cap for every dreadhead

You have dreadlocks and you are looking for an individual and fairly produced Dreadlocks hat - Dreadmütze - Rasta Mütze? The search has come to an end - The Dreadbag is here!

Optically as well as qualitatively, the Dreadbag offers you the optimum of quality and style at a small price.
And so you can wear your new Dreadmütze without any worries, we have ensured that the Dreadbags are manufactured under fair conditions in Europe.

Consequently, all parties involved in your purchase benefit. Even those who sew the dreadbags. The idea and the cut of the dreadbag come from the smithy of the Berlin label THC aka. Textile craft club. For many years, the two founders of the THC, have worked on the development of Dreadmütze.

In the last few years, the Dreadbag was very popular, even off the reggae scene and even from Jamaica, Australia and Canada, the first orders were received.


The Dreadbag is available in different sizes and in two different styles (with or without umbrella):

Size M for short dreads (from 20 cm to 50 cm)
Size L for medium and short dreads (from 50 cm to 70 cm)
Size XL for long to very long dreads (holds up to 70 over one meter long dreads)
Size XXL for sea long and thick dreads (from 1,2 meters long dreads)
Size XXXL is for extremely long and thick dreads (from 1,8 meters long dreads) *

* Early Spring 2017 available from us!

It depends on the right material!

Karma - Fair productsAll materials used are color, can be washed and do not bleach in the sun! We also guarantee with our name that the Dreadbags will still have their shape after a year.

All fabrics are personally selected by us in Germany in the pulp wholesale. Depending on the style, the dreadbag is made from linen / corduroy / canvas (cotton), wool, hemp or up-graded coffee bags and is made according to the motto: "Not only individually in the head, but also individually on the head!".

The production - This is how the Dreadbag is made

Here you will soon get some insights into the Dreadbag production.

Coming soon…

Questions, suggestions or criticism

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Your Dreadbag team

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