Jah Army Camouflage Rasta Caps - Rastafarian Crowns

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

We hope you are all healthy in the difficult Covid-19 time, you are doing well according to the circumstances and you are making the best of this strange situation !? We definitely want that and it must somehow continue with positive thoughts - let's all hope for better times soon! 🙂

Jah Army Dreadbag Collection 2020

But now on the subject of the new Jah Army “Camouflage” Dreadbags - The new Jah Army Dreadbag Collection 2020 has finally arrived and the first ones are already available in the online shop. As always, we spared no expense or effort to get fair trade fabrics for you and we hope we will meet your expectations. All Jah Army Dreadbags - Rastafarian Crowns - Rasta Caps - Dread hats - Dreadlocks hats are available in all sizes M - L - XL - XXL and XXXL and this time in larger quantities than usual so that they are not sold out as quickly as usual. We hope everyone gets a Jah Army Dreadbag Camouflage or the classic with green - yellow - red Rastafarian flag of their choice in their size and enjoys it for a long time ...

Jah Army Camouflage Jungle Khaki Canvas Dreadbag - Dread Hat

The first new Jah Army dreadbag in the 2020 collection is the camouflage jungle khaki canvas with cotton lining and this impresses with its classic jungle khaki flecktarn and will be a real eye-catcher in every situation in life. 😉

Jah Army Camouflage Rastafarian Crown

Jah Army Camouflage Beige Olive Cotton Dreadbag - Dreadlocks Beanie

The second new Jah Army Dreadbag in the 2020 collection is the Camouflage Beige Olive Cotton with a cotton lining and is in no way inferior to the first and almost belongs to the category “Desert” camouflage because of its very large proportion of beige. So if you are a bit more into beige / olive colors, you will certainly be very well advised with this dreadbag ...Dreadbag Camouflage Olive Beige Rasta Cap Rastafarian Crown Dreadlock Hat Dreadcap Beanie

Coming soon ...

All other Jah Army Dreadbags - Rasta Caps - Rastafarian Crowns are still being photographed by us and will be added to the article in the next few days ...

So some tension remains and we ask for a little patience - thank you for your understanding. 🙂

Blessed love
Udo & Lin


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