Limited batik "Ras Muhamad" Dreadbag Edition

Limited batik "Ras Muhamad" Dreadbag Edition

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

It is our privilege to inform you that there will soon be a limited edition Batik "Ras Muhamad" Dreadbag Edition. As you already know, we are always very interested in processing new fabrics into unique dreadbags. The batik "Ras Muhamad" Edition is a collaboration between Ras Muhamad and ours ( - The East meets the West of the World and what comes out? Exactly, beautiful, unique and high-quality Dreadbags from Indonesian "batik" fabrics. Quality, culture and style! Each Dreadbag captivates because of the different fabric pattern combination by its uniqueness ie in plain text every Dreadbag is unique and the "standard" product photos in the Dreadbag Onlineshop deviate slightly from every Dreadbag. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Indonesian batik

Indonesian batik is characterized by a variety of traditional and often religiously or culturally connoted patterns and colors. Traditionally, dresses made of batik fabrics or certain patterns in the strictly regulated Javanese society were reserved for the upper classes, especially the nobility. The sultan of Yogyakarta, for example, released 1940 all batik for use by all strata of society. Even today, certain patterns are reserved for certain social occasions (eg wedding).

"Indonesian Batik" was on 30. September 2009 from UNESCO to the Representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity placed.

Limited batik Ras Muhamad Dreadbag Edition

Unfortunately we do not have an exact date yet, when exactly the Limited Batik "Ras Muhamad" Dreadbag Edition is available Dreadbag Onlineshop will be available, but we will of course inform you via Facebook and Co. If you do not want to use social media channels like that, you have to check back online often, or contact us via WhatsApp. In this sense, look forward to the Limited Batik "Ras Muhamad" Dreadbag Edition. Anticipation is well known, sometimes the most beautiful joy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Blessed love

Your Dreadbag team

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