Reggae Jam 2018 - Thanks for everything!

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

the Reggae Jam Festival 2018 was once again the absolute blast! Top weather, top line-up and good people! What more do you want? Right - nothing - it was magic! We would like to personally thank Sheriff and his great team for the great organization and for the wonderful 3 days - we will be back! Of course, we would also like to thank everyone who visited us on site. Without you, it would have been only half as nice - of course, you are all welcome again to visit us on the Reggae Jam 2019 and calmly try on Dreadbags, to buy on favors, or just to look around for a nice schnack or beer. We look forward to everyone - Without you there would be no dreadbag stand and no dreadbag - Thanks for that, thanks for everything! 🙂

Like from the cliché manual and yet much more

It feels a bit like writing off this festival from the cliché manual. Love, Peace and Unity as far as the eye can see. Looking at the Reggae Jam, however, once off the sweetest hippie stereotypes, it remains a gem of interhumanity. The festival succeeds time and again to create a family, peaceful atmosphere. As if there were no interpersonal problems outside this Feel-Good-Oasis. And so it is for many visitors a holiday of social chaos and hatred in the world. Torn from everyday life to celebrate with people, to celebrate fellow human beings. No matter which origin, skin color, religion, no matter what age. Source:

Reggae Jam Festival 2018 - Livestreams

Reggae Jam 2018 - Running OrderWho unfortunately was not at the Reggae Jam in Bersenbrück this year, can calmly get in touch with just about 30 hours of Fullpowerlive Reggae, Roots & Love music ... Set the boxes loud + the screen, put Reggae Jam live streams on full screen + start and already the time travel can begin. Just sit back, relax or dance and enjoy the great vibes. We wish you a lot of fun with your personal Reggae Jam 2018 Live concert in the living room, garden or wherever - One love - Enjoy life - Irie! 😉

Reggae Jam Festival 2018 - 1 Day

Reggae Jam Festival 2018 - 2 Day

Reggae Jam Festival 2018 - 3 Day

Reggae Jam Festival 2019 - Early Bird Tickets

After the reggae jam is before the reggae jam - who wants, can already secure the reggae jam festival 2019 "early bird tickets" here. 😉

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And have a look Reggae Jam Shop over - There you will find new shirts and the new Reggae Jam 2018 Mix. Definitely worth a look. In this sense …

Blessed love

Your Dreadbag team

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