New Dreadbags + XXXL Dreadbags + without umbrella - Sale

Dreadlock Cap Linen

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

we have again new and also old Dreadbags in all different sizes in the Dreadbag Onlineshop assortment available. For our dreadheads, who have grown out of size XXL, we did not give a damn and developed a XXXL dreadbag version, tested it for a long time and finally put it into production. The new XXXL Dreadbag is already available in black canvas and corduroy and is complemented step by step with other beautiful fabrics. Dreadlocks from a dread hair length of 1,7 meters to 2,5 meters fit easily into a XXXL dreadbag. This size is also recommended for shorter (1,5 meters), but very, very thick dreads. 😉

Last but not least: We would also like to visit our Dreadbag without umbrella - Sale to draw attention. The Dreadbags without umbrella are unfortunately only in the size. L and in most cases as individual pieces. In the future, we will not produce any further Dreadbags without a screen. So if you want to call one without a screen, you should hurry before they are sold out. In this sense, you have a lot of fun to browse.

Your Dreadbag team

The Dreadbag without umbrella sale has begun

Dreadbag made of linen

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

all of you who already know the dreadbag without the umbrella and maybe already wear it on your head will be very happy now. From today we will knock out our dreadbags without umbrella stock clearance. Each Dreadbag costs only 25 € plus shipping costs - Most Dreadbags are unfortunately only once and only in the Gr. L available - Sorry once before our loyal Gr. M, XL, XXL Customers, that we can not serve you this time, but the name Restposten already says so. Just have a look in our dreadbag without a screen sale - there you will find some treasures such as from gaudy Power Flower, hemp, jute to the classic black Dreadbag and maybe there is something nice for everyone !? We hope you enjoy browsing and of course the three Dreadbags = free shipping in Germany bonus. So just give up with your dreadhead friends a bulk order and so you also save the "stupid" shipping costs. In this sense, now once in advance beautiful days of Advent with your loved ones, let it go well and please stay healthy! 🙂

Here you go directly to the Dreadbag without umbrella - Sale

Your Dreadbag team

Sale! Black "Summer" Dreadbag made of linen for 25 €

Dreadmütze buy at good price

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

Summer Sale Dreadmütze Linentoday we want to draw your attention to the fact that we are currently offering the black dreadbag made of linen for 25 € exclusive shipping costs in the sale. This "summer" dreadbag is made of extremely thin linen (airy and very light) and therefore this variant is the perfect choice for summer! So if you're planning a trip to the Caribbean or a tropical, extremely warm country, this dreadbag is very well advised. We have also re-produced all "summer" dreadbags (Dreadmützen) for you - Just look in the Dreadbag Shopwhether a chic Dreadlocks cap is for you. That's it again from us.

Your Dreadbag team

Click here for the "Summer" Dreadbag from Leinen Sale!


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