Teacha Dee - New "Rastafari Way" album

Teacha Dee - Reggae Roots "Rastafari Way" Album

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today we would like to present you the new Teacha Dee "Rastafari Way" album. The album comes with all 13 very chilligen "Reggae Roots" songs, which can really be seen and / or heard. If you know Teacha Dee already, he knows that he can add very chillige jamaican vibes with political / social-critical content into his songs and that is exactly the case in the new album again: "Great Roots Reggae Album - One earworm chases the next!" In our opinion the Teacha Dee "Rastafari Way" album is already a small Reggae Roots insider tip for the still short year 20017 and it will surely give us a lot of beautiful musical hours. You can buy the album digitally on iTunes and Amazon and of course listen to some songs beforehand. Just convince yourself of the class of the album - we wish you a lot of fun with the listening.

iTunes: Teacha Dee - Album "Rastafari Way"

Amazon: Teacha Dee - Album "Rastafari Way"

Teacha Dee - Reggae Roots "Rastafari Way" AlbumAlbum - Rastafari Way
Label: Tenfloor Records
Post Production / Editing: Tenfloor Music
Directed by D. Warren for Tenfloor Music

Single so on Burnhard Spliffington Riddim
Label: Giddimani Records
Video Directed by Warren for Tenfloor Music
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Teachadeemusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/teachadeemusic

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Ras Muhamad - Album Salam - Reggae Music Indonesia

Ras Muhamad Salam album

Hello my lovey dreadbag friends,

Ras Muhamad comes out of Indonesia with his third album, a sonic journey that truly represents the global scale of reggae. His super vocal style is a distinctive tenor that moves through complex melodic structure while maintaining the consistency and confidence of reggae's true roots singers. Singing about truth and rights is one thing but songwriting on this level. Collaborating with the Germany-based Oneness Records crew for the rhythms, the level of professionalism is raised even higher with this crew's deep sound - full of unique keyboard effects, horns, delay, and the authentic sounds of live drums, Ras Muhamad is cruising "set speed"On 16 tracks.

Songs are sung in English and Jamaican patois is a distinctly conscious messaging that is very relatable. Linguistic and cultural education are explored with the title tune Salam a typical greeting in Indonesia, with its roots in Islam, and its simple message meaning "Peace".

His native Bahasa Indonesia is found on the album as well. The song Leluhur is the a song on the album that is conceptualized by Ras Muhamad to represent Indonesian music and thought, recorded in collaboration with the Oneness Records crew with overdubs using Indonesian traditional instruments. The lyrics sea to address the effects of globalization, translated as

"Ancestors I Begin to Give Me the Time for Me to Sing a Song for You. A song about what's happening today because it seems like we lost our way. I remember these were the fingers that plowed the rice fields. These were the fingers that build the great and grand temples. (ie Borobudur / Prambanan) with great universal values ​​and noble deeds has been turned to ruins and forsaken by us.".

The album delves into a diverse range of topics from the left between ancient Asian and African cultures as found in the Kabaka Pyramid collaboration Re-Education to personal motivation on Nuh Badmind Friend, The beauty of language, borders of borders, respect of one's ancestors, humanity, was and suffering, as well as Ras Muhamad's own personal stories of struggle are all present here.

There are several collaborations with international reggae artists in addition to Kabaka Pyramid, Naptali from Jamaica is on the album singing Farmerman a fun ride through the mighty agricultural lands and hands of Jamaica and Indonesia. The tune was originally released as part of the Reggaeville Riddim selection in 2012. Sara Lugo, Jah T and Uwe Kaa from Germany all make great contributions on the recording. The album as a global force to reckon with reggae, Uwe Kaa sings his verses German on Barriers and Borders as they trade the meaningful chorus, "barriers and borders in our view, like a road block in a curfew". ace Ras Muhamad singings his own verses, explaining music as a "universal language, music is like mathematics, truly everyone can understand it."

There are hints of romance and levity present, especially on All Over The World which is straight lover's rock, a shout out of the looks and styles, to "rock and come in"To the sweet sounding Oneness groove.

Ras Muhamad on a global scale through reggae, to put Indonesia "on the map"Specifically in music, arts and talents. It's ancient cultural traditions of music, dance and theater run deep, with their Influences from Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic and African traditions, check out Salam, its a perfect example of "reggae gone international"A great place for the singers and players of instruments.

Download Ras Muhamad "Salam" Album by Itunes

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