Teacha Dee - New "Rastafari Way" album

Teacha Dee - Reggae Roots "Rastafari Way" Album

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

today we would like to present you the new Teacha Dee "Rastafari Way" album. The album comes with all 13 very chilligen "Reggae Roots" songs, which can really be seen and / or heard. If you know Teacha Dee already, he knows that he can add very chillige jamaican vibes with political / social-critical content into his songs and that is exactly the case in the new album again: "Great Roots Reggae Album - One earworm chases the next!" In our opinion the Teacha Dee "Rastafari Way" album is already a small Reggae Roots insider tip for the still short year 20017 and it will surely give us a lot of beautiful musical hours. You can buy the album digitally on iTunes and Amazon and of course listen to some songs beforehand. Just convince yourself of the class of the album - we wish you a lot of fun with the listening.

iTunes: Teacha Dee - Album "Rastafari Way"

Amazon: Teacha Dee - Album "Rastafari Way"

Teacha Dee - Reggae Roots "Rastafari Way" AlbumAlbum - Rastafari Way
Label: Tenfloor Records
Post Production / Editing: Tenfloor Music
Directed by D. Warren for Tenfloor Music

Single so on Burnhard Spliffington Riddim
Label: Giddimani Records
Video Directed by Warren for Tenfloor Music
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Teachadeemusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/teachadeemusic

Bless and one love

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Bennet - New EP "Arise"

Bennet - New EP "Arise"

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

today we would like to draw attention to a young talented musician named Bennet. The boys are also hungry and that's why we support him. We would be very happy if your time in his new Bennet EP "Arise" listen and give yourself your opinion about his musical talent. In any case, it is clear to us that in the future we will hear a lot from Bennet. Support what you love!

About Bennet

Bennet - EP CoverBennet is a Aachen singer / songwriter whose soul music with clear reggae impact contains cheerful as well as melancholic songs. In addition to the honest lyrics of the 22-year-old, funk, hip-hop and jazz play an important role, which are skillfully staged by his accomplished band. The Cologne-based musician often finds inspiration for his songs in his travels, which have already led him through Africa, Central America or even Jamaica, where he met many of his heroes. Now appeared on the 14. June the "Arise EP", with great keyboardists, Mathias Brede on the keyboard, Sebastian Gross on the drums, Johannes Fabry on the bass and Christiana Yejide Kogbe as great performers. In Aachen, this refreshing group of young musicians has already made a name for itself as a prelude to Sebastian Sturm and through fascinating concerts at Frankenberg Castle, Dumont, Egmont and the Domkeller. In the spring of this year, Bennet got reinforcements by Yeray Diaz Hurtado on the guitar and found a very talented new drummer in Max Hilpert.

Here you can find much more from Bennet - Just have a look!


Thank you for your attention - See you soon ...

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