Tóke - Blessed Morning - Music Video

Tóke - Blessed Morning - Music Video

Tóke - Blessed Morning

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

today again a very nice music video by Tóke - the better tomorrow, but can not start, right? "Blessed Morning" is the first song of an upcoming project by the German-Indonesian artist Tóke and Walshy Fire (Major Lazer). The video was produced in La Palma, in the Canary Islands (Spain) and in Hamburg (Germany) by the talented 18-year-old Kai Lietzke (Hamburg). So enough info - Now please just take a look at the Tóke music video and enjoy the good vibes! Enjoy, enjoy & enjoy! 🙂

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Well, we're off again - see you soon - Keep it real!

Blessed love

Your Dreadbag team


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