FIRETRAIN 5th Anniversary with Micah Shemaiah (Kingston / JA)

Dreadbag Raffle - Micah Shemaiah - Firetrain Reggae Party Munster

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

our friends of Fire Train raffle 1 x 2 and we are now a new partner and sponsor for the next parties in the Track 22 in Munster. Am 4.September they are giving away a dreadbag from our new collection. By the way, who else should not know? Firetrain are Tuff Tone Movement, Marshell Madders, Jonspecta and U-Style

Firetrain 5th Anniversary with Micah Shemaiah - 4.9.2015 - Gleis22 - MünsterAll the Facebook Contest liken and sharen will automatically take part in the raffle. The winners will be credited Wednesday before the event. The dreadbag can be used on the 5. Firetrain birthday with MICAH SHEMAIAH MUSIC be collected.
Firetrain look forward to seeing you!

Facebook Event: FIRETRAIN 5th Anniversary with Micah Shemaiah (Kingston / Jamaica) - Soundsystemshow

Best greetings from Firetrain and Dreadbag Team

Dreadbag raffle: Bob Marley "Interviews"

Dreadbag raffle: Bob Marley "Interviews"

bob_marley_interviews_john_tobler_rgf_records_washingtonHello dear Dreadbag friends,

today we would like to announce something beautiful - we will raffle the John Tobler interviews ... Bob Marley CD - Just write us a Facebook comment (Just log in to Facebook and enter your comments in the comments field below) Why exactly the John Tobler interviews ... Bob Marley CD absolutely want to win. The most original answer is the Bob Marley CD - so get ready and convince us! The redemption starts from today and goes including up to the 4.5.2015 - We will announce the winner here on

PS: If someone does not have a Facebook account, then you can also email us with the subject: "Bob Marley Interviews".

John Tobler Interviews ... Bob Marley CD

John Tobler interviews ... Bob Marley - When you love it! You can order the full Bob Marley interviews here: John Tobler Interviews ... Bob Marley

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Thank you for your support - See you soon!

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