Dear Dreadbag friends,

every year we do not shy away from the cost and effort of reggae festivals and other cultural events Dreadbag Stand to be able to try your "Dreadbag" on the spot in your area. On the following reggae festivals such as Reggae Jam (Bersenbrück), Summerjam (Cologne), Carnival of Cultures (Berlin), Fusion (Lärz) and Reggae Geel (Belgium). On the spot you can try and enjoy Dreadbags in peace and harmony. Just have a look at us - we look forward to your visit.

Your Dreadbag team

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In our Best of Dreadbag gallery you will find some nice snapshots from the last Reggae Festival years. Dreadbag customers, Reggae Artist and many more beautiful memories - Have fun watching.

CART makes holidays!

Sicily - holidays - does from 03.10.2018 to 20.10.2018 Vacation. So if you would like to have a dreadbag before, you should have ordered to 01.10.2018 and also pay directly with PayPal or credit card. All Dreadbag orders or account receipts thereafter will be sent back to us on Monday, the 22.10.2018. thanks for your understanding!

Delivery: Dreadbags can still ordered but will not be sent back to the 22.10.2018 until Monday.
Thank you for your support - See you soon!

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