Affiliate - Dreadbag Affiliate Program

Hello Dreadbag Supporter (in),

you want to support and still make some money with it? Then get in touch with our Affiliate - Dreadbag Affiliate Program and recommend our dreadbags. Send your links to your Dreadhead friends, share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Co, and support us and get a piece of the cake. At the moment we pay 5% of the total value of a dreadbag for every dreadbag sold (sold). Does not sound like much, but small cattle is well known also crap. Starting from a total amount of 15,00 €, we pay all dreadbag commissions directly at the beginning of the month. Participation is worthwhile!

Dreadbag Affiliate Program

Dreadbag Affiliate Program Registration

To successful registration In your Affiliate Dreadbag Affiliate Program Dashboard, you can view all your commissions, clicks, payouts, create your own Dreadbag product URLs and manage your profile (PayPal account). If required, we are also happy to provide several dreadbag banners or videos for your homepage, shop or blog.

Here you will find ours Dreadbag affiliate program conditions - Please adhere to our Dreadbag Affiliate Program Conditions - We do not pay any commissions in the event of a violation. If you have any further questions or other cooperation proposals that come to mind, you can also reach us on +49 171 89 62 648 or write us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Already a huge thank you in advance for your support - to good cooperation! 😉

Your Dreadbag Team