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»Buy dreadbags in sizes M - L - XL - XXL and XXXL online
»Fairly produced dreadlocks hat - Rasta Cap - Rastafari Crown from beautiful Europe

Payment methods - Shipping - Size table - Fair play - Impregnation - Color display

Payment Options - Advance Payment / Transfer & PayPal / Credit Card

You can pay with us by bank transfer, instant transfer, Giropay, PayPal & credit card. After receipt of the payment, we will send the ordered dreadbag (s) within 2-3 working days. Note: Each order will be canceled without payment after 7 days. So if you pay with prepayment, please transfer within 2-3 days, so you can get your Dreadbag also delivered.


Dreadbag Shipping - We ship worldwide with Hermes & German Post

Within Germany we send with Hermes as a package - The shipping costs are € 6,50 - The delivery time is approx. 3-4 working days after receipt of the account. worldwide shipping is signed by Deutsche Post as Warenpost International S EU (PRIORITY) shipped - The shipping costs are € 9,90 - The delivery time is country-specific.
On request We will be happy to send you all information on Shipment Tracking.


Dreadbag Size Chart

Size M - For short dreads (up to 50 cm long dreads)
Size L - For medium-length dreads (from 50 cm to 70 cm long dreads)
Size XL - For long dreads (from 70 cm to 120 cm long dreads)
Size XXL - For very long (thick) dreads (from 120 cm long dreads)
Size XXXL - For extremely long dreads (from 170 cm to 250 cm long dreads)


Dreadbag - Positive Karma - Made under fair conditions

Optically as well as qualitatively, the Dreadbag offers you the optimum of quality and style at a small price. And so you can wear your new Dreadmütze without any worries, we have ensured that the Dreadbags are manufactured under fair conditions in Europe. All materials used are color, washable and sun-resistant. We also guarantee that the Dreadbags have retained their shape even after one year.


Dreadbag - Make Water Repellent - Impregnate

All dreadbags made of thick cotton (canvas) are suitable for impregnation. After the impregnation, the Dreadbag is waterproof in rainy weather (winter) and all dreadlocks remain dry in wind and weather. More info: "What and how do I best impregnate my dreadbag"


Color is not the same colorPresentation - Monitor and Graphics Card - Color is not just color

Please remember that the original colors of our Dreadbags can be slightly different from the colors you see on our website.


Dreadbag - Quality, Style, Individuality, Spirituality, Closeness to Nature, Dignity & criticism of capitalism united in a Dreadlock Hat - Rasta Cap

What is our claim to our dreadbag?

Dreadlock Hat ShopThis is a question we asked very early, even before Dreadbag was launched. First, of course, it's about one Headgear for dreadlocks, First and foremost, it should be comfortable, stylish and practical and of course protect dreads from dirt and rain. But that's not all, also the Dreadbag should allow us during sports and at work to be able to move comfortably and freely with our dreads.

All these points are well managed by good quality of workmanship, careful selection of materials and style-conscious design.

But is not there more?

Dreadlocks Caps ShopIt soon became clear that the importance of dreadlocks also plays a big role in the selection of headgear. People carry Dreadlocks for a variety of reasons. But for most people, their dreads are also an expression of their inner values. This is often about spirituality, dignity, closeness to nature & criticism of capitalism.

The question which is naturally asked is: If you want to cover your dreadlocks with a cap, which is produced from chemical fibers under human-despising conditions, then flown around half the globe, then sold by a company that is only interested in profit optimization and financed by banks until it finally yields profit?

Dreadlocks Hats - Rasta Caps - Rastafarian Crowns to produce fair is possible! You just have to do it! Royalty - Dignity - Livity - A “different” better world is possible!

Our straight answer is “no”, dreadlocks and everyone deserves better, and we believe there is another way. For these reasons we operate the label Dreadbagto show everyone that there is another way! 😉

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