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Dreadbag Gift Voucher - Would you like to treat your beloved friend or boyfriend with a Dreadbag for Christmas, Birthday or just as a present? But you do not know exactly which size, color or material is the right choice? No topic - we have one for this case Dreadbag coupon worth 45,00 € 🙂

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Each Dreadbag voucher is unlimited in time ie it can be used for years.

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Dreadbag - Quality, Style, Individuality, Spirituality, Love of Nature, Dignity & Criticism of Capitalism united in a Dreadlocks Beanie - Rastafari Crown - Rasta Cap

What is our claim to our dreadbag?

Dreadlock Hat ShopThis is a question we asked very early, even before Dreadbag was launched. First, of course, it's about one Headgear for dreadlocks, First and foremost, it should be comfortable, stylish and practical and of course protect dreads from dirt and rain. But that's not all, also the Dreadbag should allow us during sports and at work to be able to move comfortably and freely with our dreads.

All these points are well managed by good quality of workmanship, careful selection of materials and style-conscious design.

But is not there more?

Dreadmützen ShopIt quickly became clear that the importance of dreadlocks also plays an important role in the choice of head cover. People wear dreadlocks for a variety of reasons. But for most people, their dreads are also an expression of their inner values. This is often about spirituality, dignity, naturalness and capitalism criticism.

The question which is naturally asked is: If you want to cover your dreadlocks with a cap, which is produced from chemical fibers under human-despising conditions, then flown around half the globe, then sold by a company that is only interested in profit optimization and financed by banks until it finally yields profit?

"Making fair-haired caps fair is possible - you just have to do it!"

Our clear answer is "no", dreadlocks and everyone deserves better, and we believe it can be done differently. For these reasons, we operate the label "Dreadbag" to show everyone that there is another way!