Teacha Dee - New "Rastafari Way" album

Hello dear Dreadbag friends, today we would like to introduce you the new Teacha Dee "Rastafari Way" album. The album comes with a total of 13 very chilly "Reggae Roots" songs, which can really be seen or heard. If you already know Teacha Dee, he knows that he is very chilly jamaican vibes with political / sociocritical ...

Jah Rastafari! - The roots of reggae - documentation

Jah Rastafarian! - The Roots of Reggae (54 Min.) The documentary goes in search of clues and decodes the codes of reggae, which go back to the black liberation movements of the last century. For this, filmmaker Tim Gorbauch meets young and old roots reggae musicians, cultural scientists, historians and Rastafarian activists in Kingston, Jamaica, and at the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Spain. On the...


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