New year - new dreadbags - mid January 2020

Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

we hope you had a nice holiday with your loved ones and you also started the new year well? As some have noticed, 2019 was a bit turbulent for us and not everything was 100% right - we would like to apologize again to all customers concerned. We have very good dreadbag news for you - continues - New year new happiness - It can only get better - In mid-January 2020 the time has finally come and the new Dreadbag 2020 collection is finally available online. Thanks to all friends, supporters and dreadheads who kept us going all the time and who believed and waited for us collegially. 🙂 Thank you, without you we would not be where we are today! We hope that we have once again met your taste with the new Dreadbag 2020 collection, meet your wishes and are pleased with us that we have a fairly produced and sustainable dread hat / Rasta Cap / Rastafari Crown / Dreadlocks hat for dreadheads called Dreadbag in our disposable consumer society can offer.

Dreadbag - quality, style, individuality, spirituality, closeness to nature, dignity & criticism of capitalism combined in a dreadlocks hat / dread hat / Rastafarian crown

Dreadlocks Cap Dread Cap Rasta Cap

As always, all dreadbags will be available in sizes M - L - XL - XXL and XXXL and we will again offer a wide variety of hat fabrics such as canvas, cord, linen, batik "Ras Muhamad" and African fabrics. Some classics will be reproduced at the end of summer, some dreadbag exotics unfortunately not, which is why the good & old dreadbag motto applies: "Whoever comes first, also paints first!" ”So that we can produce your unique dreadbags. You can get more information here> Unikat Dreadbag > If there are any further questions, please contact us via WhatsApp, call or write us an email. Of course, we also took great care to ensure that each substance does not contain any harmful chemicals and, very importantly, does not favor child labor. It is actually sad that we always have to mention this with the “fair produced”, but unfortunately not everyone in the fashion industry plays fair and does not produce sustainably and exploit many children or people and nature. Not with and with us! does it differently - Dreadbag also combines quality, style, individuality, spirituality, closeness to nature, dignity and criticism of capitalism in one dreadlocks cap in 2020.

We are happy if you are all part of Dreadbag and thus make the world a little bit better - In this sense - One love 🙂

Blessed love
Udo & Lin

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