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Hello dear Dreadbag friends,

this mix is ​​part of Hilles' Sunday Selection Mixes, the end result of an afternoon or often a night 😉 in his music room, rummaging through boxes to listen to good music. So why not share the best moments and joyful rediscoveries of great reggae, roots & dancehall records. Do not look for hypnosis, but expect good Reggae Roots & Dancehall music in a selection that will hopefully be tasty for you. Enjoy listening …

Soundquake Soundsystem - Download the free album “Better Than The Stars”

Old but gold! One of the baddest mixes out there! Better than the stars mix of various music vibes & tribes…

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Soundquake sound system booking

You want high quality musical reggae & dancehall entertainment for your event? You expect more than just juggling the same regular top 20 billboard tunes ... then send an email to the Soundquake sound system at: - reasonable booking fee, Soundquake sound system will not exceed your budget. 😉

Latest Live Audio: quake /sound quake-live-at-dancehall-vibez-in-Chemnitz

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